Update on minimum wage changes

22 March 2024 1 min read

At a glance

We would like to express gratitude to Eiger Law for their contribution on this publication.

  • Taiwan’s monthly minimum wage was increased from TWD26,400 to TWD27,470 on 1 January 2024, with the hourly minimum wage raised from TWD176 to TWD183.
  • This is the eighth year in a row that the minimum wage has been increased.
  • The new Minimum Wage Act forms a minimum wage commission made up of employer representatives; government officials; and scholars to meet annually on minimum wage adjustments.
  • The legislation further mandates that employers who are found to be paying their employees below the minimum wage may incur fines of up to TWD1.5 million. Additionally, there is the potential consequence of publicising the names of any non-compliant employers.