Changes to the organisation of flexible work

3 July 2024 1 min read

By Balall Maqbool

At a glance

  • A decision of the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development No. 153307 of 1445 has amended the procedural guide for the organisation of flexible work.

Key impacts on flexible working as a result of the changes include:

  • A written (electronic) contract must be in place.
  • The contract must include the term and hourly wage.
  • The contract cannot exceed 12 months, but is renewable.
  • If the contract is cancelled then, unless otherwise agreed by both parties (in writing), the employee is entitled to claim all salaries for the outstanding duration of the contract.
  • Single or groups of flexible workers must complete 160 hours per month.
  • There will be a 20% Saudization requirement for flexible workers but at the moment it is open to Saudi nationals only.
  • The contract must be filed with the Ministry of Labour.
  • Employers are not liable to pay end of service gratuity to an employee considered a flexible worker.
  • Flexible workers are subject to the pensions and General Organisation for Social Insurance schemes as well as subject to compliance with the rules and regulations of occupational hazards in the workplace.