New bill regulating engagement of individuals working digital platforms and contributions to the social security system

10 May 2023 1 min read

At a glance

  • The Senate has introduced a new bill which regulates the engagement of individuals working via digital platforms and their contributions to the social security system.

Bill 302 of 2023 aims to regulate contracts between digital intermediation companies, digital platforms and collaborating contractors who provide the services offered by the platforms. Digital Intermediation Companies (EID) are entities that are legally incorporated and their core business is carried out through these digital platforms.

A collaborating contractor is any individual that provides its service autonomously, personally, directly, under their own risks and within their own means through one or more platforms providing the service or goods to a final customer.

The agreement between the platform and the individual is a civil contract that must include at least:

  • The purpose of the contract;
  • The parties;
  • The fees;
  • The form of payment and how often it is to be made;
  • Platform;
  • Collaborating contractor rights and obligations;
  • The term;
  • The form and grounds of termination;
  • Sanctions for breaching obligations;
  • Qualifications and incentives for good service; and
  • Other matters regulated by the national government.