Executive regulations of Labour Law amended

3 July 2024 1 min read

By Balall Maqbool

At a glance

  • A recent decision of the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development No. 148302 of 1445 has amended the executive regulations of the Labour Law.
  • A new committee is to be established to: (1) listen to appeals for objection to any administrative penalty; and (2) to handle applications to settle violations where an administrative penalty has been imposed.
  • Where an objection has been raised against a penalty then the requirement to appeal within 60 days remains. If the objection is held to be valid, any fine or penalty already paid will be reimbursed.
  • If an application has been made to settle a violation, and the violation itself is not challenged or appealed then the committee will review all material facts and then make a recommendation to the Minister for Labour, who will ultimately approve the terms of settlement.