Amendments to the Employment Act

7 February 2024 1 min read

By Barbara Angene

At a glance

  • On 1 January 2024, an amendment to the Employment Act entered into force.
  • Changes will be implemented to the criteria used in assessing illegal employment, and to the conditions in which employment agencies must meet to obtain a work mediation licence.

Change in the definition of illegal work

Changes will be implemented to the criteria used in assessing illegal employment. Previously, the assessment aligned with the parameters of dependent work, outlined in the Labour Code and relevant case law, encompassing the aspect of 'consistency of the work performed.'

However, the Amendment to the Employment Act alters this approach, rendering the duration of the relationship in which the illegal work occurred no longer a relevant factor.

Conditions for employment agencies

Changes have been introduced to the eligibility criteria for employment agencies who are seeking to obtain a work mediation licence. The individual who is responsible for the agency, must now possess professional experience which has been acquired within ten years immediately preceding the application for the licence. The employment agency must also be able to prove that it does not owe any debts to the Czech authorities. Further, the mandatory monetary deposit for employment agencies has been increased from CZK500,000 to CZK1,000,000.

It has also been specified that if the user unilaterally terminates the temporary assignment of an agency employee, the statement of termination must be delivered to the employee. This termination must also not occur sooner than 14 days after the delivery of such a statement.